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The Northern Circuit’s first virtual internet family law Barristers’ Chambers introducing for solicitors, if required, the unique facility to book Ashley Murray directly on line for divorce and financial remedy related representation and advice of clients. The model of the traditional city centre barristers’ chambers with high overheads is now outdated and unduly burdensome in costs adding significantly to the barristers’ fee to the client. In an internet age, the modern barrister’s practice has the capacity to be far more flexible and economical. The North West has long required a specialised family law chambers where solicitors and clients can access the highest calibre of barrister skilled in family work – Ashley Murray Chambers is intended to be a foundation for such a facility.

Ashley Murray Chambers has from 28th April 2015 become the first family practice in England and Wales to be registered with the Bar Standards Board and the Bar Indemnity Fund as Ashley Murray Limited, an entity to provide family finance advocacy, litigation, and expert legal advice services as regulated by the Bar Standards Board.


Ashley is the most experienced specialised divorce and financial remedy senior barrister in the North West. Having been the first on Circuit to specialise exclusively in divorce and financial remedy cases nearly two decades ago, he has for many years been recognised nationally as a leading barrister in such work. He also has many published articles in leading law journals to his name and is the co-author of a standard legal textbook.
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Latest Articles

Family Law Journal [2018] Fam Law 1548

The width of the court’s discretion under s 31(1), MCA 1973 – for width read uncertainty: Mills v Mills

As is now well rehearsed, the Supreme Court had granted leave to appeal to H on a narrow basis, being ‘whether, in light of the fact that provision had already been made for W’s housing needs in the capital settlement, the Court of Appeal was entitled to interfere with the judge’s decision not to increase the periodical payments so as to cover all of the wife’s current rental costs’.

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Latest News

Family Flyer 74

Ideals in a less than ideal system

The Central Family Court has now issued a directive that family professionals will be expected to draw up non financial orders, if the case is concluded by 1pm, by 4.30 pm that day and, if concluded later that day, then by the start of business the next working day.

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Ashley welcomes any discussion with his solicitors over the appropriate fee level in any individual case and invites his solicitors, if it is not possible to provide him with sight of the papers for this purpose in advance. to supply him with a brief summary of the issues in a case, the amount of reading required and the value involved. Click here to view Ashley's full range of fees.

Private Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Ashley can be engaged to sit as a FDR judge for a fixed fee of £4,000 plus VAT. If you would like to further and/or make arrangements for doing so please contact Ashley or his clerk by email or telephone on 0151 559 3285. Click here to view more.

Book Ashley

This unique facility permits Ashley’s solicitors, if they prefer, as an alternative to booking his services by telephone, to make a direct enquiry on line about his availability for any date(s) required up to seven months in advance and to secure the booking if desired. In the event that the date enquired of is not available, please consider telephoning Ashley Murray’s Chambers at telephone number 0151 559 3285 or emailing an enquiry to Click here to view our booking system