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Cohabitation New Edition

June 19, 2017


Law, Practice and Precedents


This work provides commentary, checklists, procedural guides and precedents on the subject in a single volume

Australia 2017

February 9, 2017

On the 8th February 2017 Ashley delivered at the request of O’Sullivan Davies, Solicitors a seminar on “The History of and Present Approach to Prenuptials in England and Wales” to an audience of family lawyers in Perth, Australia.

O’Sullivan Davies, Solicitors act for high value clients in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Family Flyer 62

January 17, 2017

Pre-Nuptials – Quality, Clarity, Practice and Cost

It is suggested that there should be some concern over the direction pre-nuptial work in practice is taking, the widely differing quality of drafting experience and the ever rising costs being faced by the client in the process.

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Family Flyer 61

January 17, 2017


As family lawyers we are all familiar with the anxieties of clients over mounting costs in a divorce financial claim.  The days when a client expected to write a blank cheque for the privilege of their legal advisor to represent them have long gone – and frankly – good riddance.

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Family Flyer 60

January 17, 2017

A summary of ‘Guidance on Financial Needs on Divorce’ (June 2016) published by the Family Justice Council Financial Needs Working Group.

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Family Flyer 59

January 17, 2017

The Debate on Evidential Burden in Judgment Summons Hearings

In Flyer 55 Judgment Summons – An Inadequate Remedy and a Defaulter’s Charter – analysis of Prest v Prest [2015] EWCA 714.  I set out the analusis of the Court of Appeal’s decision (McFarlane LJ) in the case of Prest v Prest [2016] 1 FLR 773 dealing with in particular, the required procedure to be followed upon a judgment summons committal hearing.

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Family Flyer 58

January 17, 2017

An analysis if W V H (No 2)(Contempt, contents of application notice) [2015] EWHC 2436 (Fam)

Whilst the committal hearing is also reported, it is the report, as above, dealing with Parker J’s consideration of the procedural requirements of committal applications and the powers of the court to remedy defects, which is of the most interest to practitioners.

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New Financial Guide

May 25, 2016

The Family Justice Council has launched a new financial guide to help people going through a divorce without a lawyer.  The guide can be found here.

Cohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents review – “I found this to be very interesting and perhaps one of the best written commentaries I have read on this area of law.  I note that the chapter on pre-nuptial agreements in earlier editions of the book have similarly been well received.” Graeme Fraser, Hunters, London Family Law Journal, April 2016

Family Flyer Issue 57

December 20, 2015

Over recent weeks I have been requested on a number of occasions to attempt to summarise the principles to be derived from the conjoined appeal decisions of the Supreme Court in Sharland and Gohil. Accordingly, I have tabulated such a summary in the hope it will be of assistance generally.

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Family Flyer Issue 56

December 6, 2015

Wicks v Wicks [1998] 1 FLR 470 and its determination that there was no interim power of asset sale for divorcing parties pending a final hearing has been a source of injustice, mainly for wives, for almost two decades.

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