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Family Flyer 69

March 10, 2018

Seeking Part 25 Permission (Experts Instruction – Financial Remedy Cases) – Is a Formal Application required?


1. Practitioners will be aware that recently the local Family Court in Liverpool has emphasised that formal applications will normally be needed in all cases where an expert report is to be sought. It will be recalled that my previous Flyer 35 ( dealt with the introduction of this, as then, new procedure for the instruction of Court experts in financial remedy cases.

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Family Flyer 68

March 10, 2018

Barristers Fees and Transparency – the Bell Tolls

Recent Reports on Transparency at the Bar:

The Bar Standards Boards recently published its research findings (July 2017) in relation to the satisfaction of individuals, who had recently used the services of barristers in family law matters. The outcome was broadly positive.

However, 83% of those surveyed believed that barristers charge higher fees than other legal providers and more than half those sampled indicated that they were not confident that they had the appropriate information to make an informed decision on who to approach for advice on a family law matter.

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Family Flyer 67

March 10, 2018

Tobias v Tobias [2017] EWFC 46: Mostyn J – guidance on applications for freezing orders, ex party orders and use of the out of hours judge

  1. W was in the FMH and H in a care home.  H applied for an ex party freezing order upon the FMH, which was charged in favour of commercial creditors and the Local Authority for unpaid council tax.  H also had registered a FLA 1996 notice of home rights.
  2. H’s application was to the out-of-hours High Court judge albeit there was no emergency.  His statement supporting the application was defective in failing to list the secured commercial debts, as was the application and there was also no divorce petition issued.

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Family Flyer 66

March 10, 2018

Sharp return to uncertainty in divorce finance distribution – Sharp v Sharp [2017] EWCA Civ 408.

1. This Flyer is longer than most – for good reason – it contains substantive new law.

2. The ONS – 2013 showed 34% of marriages had ended in divorce by the 20th marriage anniversary. Hence, the risk to married couples of undergoing the trauma and cost of divorce remains significant. Resolution’s survey in 2014 found 28% of the separated adults taking part had taken out additional borrowing as a direct result of their relationship break-up ( _files/files/reso).

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Family Flyer 65

March 10, 2018

Short Marriage Assessment of Quotidian Needs – FF v KF [2017] EWHC 1093 (Fam) (Mostyn J)

Whilst few of us will have used the adjective ‘quotidian’ this year or, let’s face it, in our lifetime – its’ use within Mostyn J’s recent judgment on appeal immediately in front of ‘needs’ does, at least, make us first check our web dictionaries as to its meaning and then, once hooked, to actually read a highly economic dispatch by His Lordship of the issues in a case which occupied the Manchester Money Judge, HHJ Wallwork, five days of hearing – mostly, according to Mostyn J, in addressing the ‘completely irrelevant’ subject of the level of the parties’ marital acquest, which W claimed was £3m when H had already in an open offer proposed more than half of that amount anyway and when both parties’ open positions ‘were predicated on an assessment of the wife’s needs’ (para 7).

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Family Flyer 64

June 19, 2017

Equity of Exoneration – The Modern Application – analysis of Armstrong v Onyearu & Another [2017] EWCA Civ 258

  1. Once I mention Trustee in Bankruptcy – I can anticipate, like ITVs ‘Take me Out’, many family practitioners’ lights going out. But as Paddy McGuiness might say (apologies in advance) – let the ratio see the decidendi! .
  2. Yes this case was an appeal in respect of a Trustee in Bankruptcy’s claim that the W’s interest in the family home was subject to a secured loan, which had been used for H’s business

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Family Flyer 63

June 19, 2017

Variation of Executory Orders

The Court of Appeal in the case of Bezeliansky v Bezelianskaya [2016] EWCA Civ 76, has recently reviewed the extent of the Court’s Thwaite v Thwaite (1980) power to vary the terms of any final order made, including those by consent.


The Court was dealing with an appeal in respect of a consent order made by Holman J in 2013 upon the parties’ respective financial claims following their divorce.

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Cohabitation New Edition

June 1, 2017


Law, Practice and Precedents


This work provides commentary, checklists, procedural guides and precedents on the subject in a single volume

Australia 2017

February 9, 2017

On the 8th February 2017 Ashley delivered at the request of O’Sullivan Davies, Solicitors a seminar on “The History of and Present Approach to Prenuptials in England and Wales” to an audience of family lawyers in Perth, Australia.

O’Sullivan Davies, Solicitors act for high value clients in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Family Flyer 62

January 17, 2017

Pre-Nuptials – Quality, Clarity, Practice and Cost

It is suggested that there should be some concern over the direction pre-nuptial work in practice is taking, the widely differing quality of drafting experience and the ever rising costs being faced by the client in the process.

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